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Two Anas 

Duas Anas is divided into two business segments, Duas Anas Empreendimentos and Duas Anas Agro , and its mission is to develop innovative projects in the housing and agricultural sector, using an innovative, intensive and sustainable business model.

Based in Campinas, São Paulo, Duas Anas Agro  born from a sustainable project, with a vertical and intensive production system, fully integrated.




Business Focus

  • Production of animal protein:

    • Fish farming: Pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) and Pangasius (Pangasius hypophthalmus);

    • Shrimp farming: Freshwater shrimp;

    • Beef Sheep: Dorper, White Dorper and crosses;

    • Beef Cattle.

  • Bamboo:

    • Seedling production;

    • Wood technology: treatment, processing and construction.

  • Organic products:

    • Organic vegetables and greens;

    • Organic eggs and chickens.  


Two Anas Agro

Duas Anas Enterprises

Duas Anas Empreendimentos owns Parque dos Alecrins I and II and Reserva dos Alecrins.
Planned condominiums, in the midst of nature, in a prime region of the city of Campinas, with easy access and privileged location.
  In an area of 2 million m² and 95 thousand m² of green areas, with squares, lakes, landscaping, preservation area and leisure area.  Divided into 370 lots from 380 to 500m², with a complete security and leisure structure. 

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