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Mutum Group

Founded in 1966, Mutum Agropecuária SA  is the first company of the Mutum Group, which over the  years was a pioneer in agricultural production in the mid-north region of Mato Grosso.
The initial investments were in livestock and later in the agricultural area with the planting of various crops from the 70's/80's onwards.

One of the largest agricultural producers in Mato Grosso, based in Nova Mutum, concentrates its activities in a  total production area of 38,268.7 ha planted in the 2015/16 corn, cotton and soybean crop on two farms in the same region.  


It focuses its activities on three main cultures:


Soybean - area of 27,738.8 ha planted in 2015/16.


Corn - 4,549.7 ha of planted area in the 2015/16 harvest


Cotton - planted area of the crop of 5,980.2 ha in 2015/16



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