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Unik BR Real Estate Business  |  Your real estate boutique!


Unik is the trademark for all development businesses in Praias Paulistas and was designed to develop differentiated projects and sell special properties. In its projects, excellence and quality are paramount throughout the operational process, which includes land acquisition, project planning and development, marketing, sales, construction and customer service.

Operating in geographically selected areas, on the coast and inland of São Paulo, it has a diversified portfolio of real estate products in the residential and commercial segments, in condominiums with complete infrastructure, security and leisure. With the proposal of serving a select portfolio of clients in a personalized way, solving exclusive desires and needs, Unik Negócios Imobiliários has professionals prepared to provide comprehensive and complete consultancy in the purchase and sale of properties, providing sophistication, excellence and profitability in all Business.


We are supported by a collective organizational culture, values and competence towards the joint achievement of urban excellence. At UNIK, activities, strategies, information and resources are designed as a group around a singular purpose: to offer the best real estate consultancy that the client deserves. Our unit in Riviera de São Lourenço is a reference in high-end properties, with the best and most exclusive portfolio of products and customers, whether on the beach, city, countryside or mountain.



- Urban Development

- Subdivisions

- Mall


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